These are examples of some of my work developing logos and business cards for various businesses. This is a service I offer either separately or in conjunction with the development of a website. Contact me for rates and further info.

brand - a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.

Advanced Network & Enterprise Solutions

Here are the logo and business card that I developed for Advanced Network & Enterprise Solutions. They wanted a logo that emphasized their business: networking. What I eventually devised was a melding of their company name with a network interconnection diagram. The logo was slightly modified for the matching business card, since it had a white background. Shading was used to emphasize the commonality of "nodes" on the diagram. They were very happy with the results.

Green Mountain Tactical

Green Mountain Tactical was a retailer of outdoor gear, aimed at the military, police, and civilian outdoorsmen market. For the logo, I took the outline of a sergeant's chevrons and rearranged them to suggest mountains. The addition of a rifle scope reticle was the finishing touch.

Outdoor Adworks

Outdoor Adworks was a division of a printing company, Great Big Color, located in Denver, Colorado. They did large format printing for the transit industry, as in the large signs you sometimes see on the side of buses. For the logo I created the outline of a bus shelter and added a fading strip to suggest motion.

Poudre Outdoor Gear

Poudre Outdoor Gear sold camping equipment and the like, and was located in northern Colorado. They took their name from the Cache la Poudre river that runs through the state. For the logo, I elected to create a wide, sweeping arc that suggests a stylized river together with their company name, which fit quite naturally against the arc.

Country Companions

Here is the business card that I designed for our veternarian when I resided in the mountains of northern Colorado. It was a rural and rustic place, so I wanted to create something that reflected that. The Native American dream catcher captured this idea perfectly.

My own business card is an example of my work. So, here it is.