This page presents samples of websites that I have developed over the past 5 or more years. I did not attempt to make the page "top heavy" by featuring dozens of sites, rather, just a few representative examples of my work. I have worked as both a freelance designer/developer and as a fulltime employee of various companies over the past 15 years. Advanced Network & Enterprise Solutions This was a site I did for a startup in the field of networking services. The theme was kind of "techno modern," as befits a technology company. Being mostly informational in nature, it featured lots of graphics. Click the image to view the full site. Kidney Stone Center of the Rocky Mountains I was retained by a Denver medical company to redo their website. This is the result. It also included developing a suite of programs to allow for the administration and update of their SQL databases. Click the image to view the full site. Franklin, Adams, Henry & Bartlett, P.C. Here is a site I did for a Colorado lawfirm. This is a copy, with all names changed, and generic stock photos substituted for the actual people. It features a responsive design. The contact form is functional, but does not actually send an email. Click the image to view the full site. Kentron Solutions Kentron was a sports and club billing company. They provided billing and subscription services to fitness clubs and related companies. Their concept for the site was to make it mostly monochrome, with a judicious use of color. Click the image to view the full site. Shasta A group out of Boulder, Colorado prroduced a full length feature film titled Shasta, and I was retained to create a website to advertise it. It is very media intensive. They also wanted the site to feature their other endeavors, such as a line of women's clothing they had created. Click the image to view the full site. Nighttime Skies This site was developed by me because of a lifelong interest in astronomy. It features constellation maps and astronomy photos and makes heavy use of the PHP GD graphics extension. The constellation maps are created using a public domain database of about 6000 stars, all those that can be seen by the naked eye. Click the image to view the full site. Country Companions This site was done for our family veterinarian, Debbie Sunken. We were living in the mountains of northern Colorado at the time. Her practice was named Country Companions, but to obtain the domain name would have cost $20,000. She lived in an area there called Cherokee Park, and she came up with the idea of using a play on words for that name. Click the image to view the full site. Under Heaven and Earth This was a startup business idea: unusual printed greeting cards. As a business it failed, but the site I did for them is pretty spiffy. Note when the site first loads how the header background shows the transition from night to dawn. The card preview facility is also worth taking a look at. Click the image to view the full site. Outdoor Adworks Outdoor Adworks was a lrge format printing company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They specialized in printing ads for transportation companies (e.g., buses and bus shelters), billboards, and other concerns. I developed a complex client ordering system for them, where clients could upload artwork and place orders, then later login and track the progress of their order. The system cannot be easily demoed, so a screenshot will have to do. Click the image to view the full site. Highcountry Outfitters Here is a design mockup, for a site for a small retail outlet in Ft. Collins, Colorado that sold outdoor gear. The mockup let the client see something tangible in terms of style and layout before I invested time and effort into the project, always a good way to proceed. Click the image to view the full site. Lord Piquant's Another mockup, this one for a high-end restaurant that wanted a classy, high-end website (and, NO, the restaurant was not named Lord Piquant's). The client was very happy with the look, but until he saw my mockup he had no idea what he wanted. I almost always start with a mockup, as it keeps both me and the client on the same page conceptually. Click the image to view the full site.