This page presents examples of websites that I have done. These cover a span of years, although the first shown is very recent, having been deployed earlier this year (2017). In some cases I have elected to host copies of the original site rather than linking to the actual site. Reasons for this include sites that the client considered private and for use only by their clients and required a login to access; some sites were for startups that did not make it, and so no longer exist; and various other reasons. Copied websites may have some functionality disabled, e.g., contact forms that do not actually send an email. The reasons for this should be obvious, to not polute a working business's internet function.

These are all my work. This includes all aspects of the design: server code, client code, graphic design, and many times, the verbiage used by the site. I make use of royalty-free stock imagery wherever possible, as this is both economical and convenient.

Under Heaven and Earth LLC

Under Heaven and Earth is an online retail busines specializing in the sale of unusual greeting cards. For their website they wanted something both clean and, in some way, unusual or striking. To achieve this I elected to use what might be considered an unusual color scheme, together with an animated header that depicts a coming dawn.

This is an ecommerce site, and for the shopping cart portion I elected to use SnipCart, a robust and easy to use cart that is implemented fully in JavaScript on the client side. The result is, I think, a fine example of a clean, simple, and responsive ecommerce site.

Advanced Network & Enterprise Solutions

Advanced Network & Enterprise Solutions was a high-tech startup in the networking services sector. One of their co-founders hired me to do their website. I also developed a logo for them and several business card designs (see the branding page).

What I decided upon was a slick, high-tech look for their site. They wanted slideshows as a feature of the site, and the content for the entire site was highly visual in nature: lots of diagrams and graphics. They were very pleased with the result.

The company was in business for several years, but eventually folded. Their site is no longer on the internet. This is not an uncommon occurrence with startups. Some make it, some don't.

Kidney Stone Center of the Rocky Mountains

The Kidney Stone Center of the Rocky Mountains is a medical company located in Denver, Colorado. I was hired to replace their existing website, which, in addition to being inadequate, looked like a typical amateur's effort from the early 1990s.

The site makes use of a number of MySQL databases, e.g., a list of associated doctors among others. I also wrote a content management system to allow the company to update and maintain these files.

My design strategy was to produce a clean, professional look where the informational content was presented in a consistent and intuitive fashion.

The Movie Shasta

A company in Boulder, Colorado hired me to create a website for their feature length movie titled Shasta. The company, Sacred Mysteries, dealt in what might be termed fantasy and the occult. They sold books, a line of clothing, and had many other sidelines. The movie is strictly fantasy.

That said, the website contains many unusual interface features and is an excellent example of the kinds of unusual things that can be done with a website. It makes extensive use of videos and recorded music. The original site included a WordPress blog, which I have not installed here, as that seemed superfluous to the aim of demonstrating my own work.

Kentron Solutions

Kentron was a Colorado financial services company. They conceived the idea of entering a niche market, for sports, exercise, and atheletic clubs, in the domain of club membership billing software and services.

I was retained to create their website. I elected to go with a sleek and modern look, with a somewhat monochrome palette, but with color highlights. They loved the site.

What cannot be shown here is the suite of administrative tools that I developed for the site: database management, email templates, accounting tools, and the like. Too bad, for they were dropped into the same look-and-feel template as the main site, and represented well over half the effort expended on the project.

Nighttime Skies

Nighttimeskies is a website that I deployed because of a lifelong interest of mine, astronomy. The site is aimed at the "naked eye" astronomer, someone who enjoys viewing the stars with the naked eye or, at most, through a pair of binoculars.

I list it here because of its somewhat technicl nature. It is heavily server-centric, and makes extensive use of PHP extensions such as the GD graphics library, as well as some common math projection routines of my own authorship.

If you visit the site, look up the constellation Orion, and switch between Bayer and Historical star names, or all stars versus constellatio only. I make use of an open source star database with all stars visible to the naked eye, and perhaps slightly beyond, about 6,000 stars.

Cherokee Bark

This is a website that I developed for our veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Sunken, when we resided in the mountains of northern Colorado, near Red Feather Lakes. Dr. Sunken lived then in a nearby area called Cherokee Park. The website name was an obvious pun to employ.

Unfortunately, because of circumstances, the website was never deployed. You may note the prescence of "filler" text in places (so-called "lorem ipsum"). However, I think it is a fine design, and worthy of inclusion here.