our story

Software and service solutions for billing, EFT, drafting, collection, and customer care are as numerous as towels in the average gym. We've tried quite a few ourselves. We never found one we really liked. It didn't take many reps before we thought, "we can do it better!" With that, Kentron Solutions was born.

Our philosophy is simple: do it right, do it better, and do it with great service and a smile. And since we will be representing your company to your customers, we do it the way you would: with the same care and consideration for your customers, and with the same concern for you and your bottom line.

Check us out. Try our demo. We think you'll agree: Kentron Solutions is the way to go.

about you

Our clients typically operate a business based on providing a service in return for a paid subscription. You will likely own a club, a gym, a spa, a dance studio, or something similar. Whatever it may be, you will need to maintain information on your customers and periodically bill them and collect the proceeds. That's a big chunk of time and a big committment. And it is not without its own problems.

That's where we come in: with our service and our software, we handle the billing and collections for you, simply, effectively, and transparently, leaving you free to concentrate on growing and nurturing your business. Ours is a practical, economic, versatile, and compelling solution: quite simply, the best one available.